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Self Assessment Tax Returns

We deal with self employed and partnership accounts and the relevant returns that need filng to HMRC respectively. If you are in a partnership you will need to file a self assessment for each partner and also a partnership tax return to HMRC.


The deadline for 22/23 tax returns is 31st January 2024. 


We suggest that you book in your self assessment tax return sooner rather than later, to help with tax planning. If you are a director of a Ltd Company, then we will deal with your self assessment when completing your company accounts, for reporting wages and dividends e.t.c


After April 2024, you will be able to have 2023/2024 filed. 


If you have missed the deadline for self assessment, we can help you to avoid any further penalties and interest charges, by using our fast turnaround service, we are also extending our office hours to cope with the added demand. January is one of the busiest times of the year for bookkeepers and accountants as we near closer to the self assessment tax return deadline, therefore it is best practice to have this sorted as soon as possible so that you don't miss the deadline!


The deadline for 21/22 self assessment tax returns online was 31st January 2023, if you miss this deadline we can still deal with this on your behalf. For prior year tax returns, before 21/22 tax year, please enquire.















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