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Are you fed up with doing your own spreadsheet and having to transmit that by email to your accountant.  We use Quickbooks Online to provide you with a bookkeeping system that is so simple as to be unbelievable. 


Simply authorise Quickbooks to download your bank statement and we can do the allocation of the entries for you.  As simple as that. 


Should you have other items that don't go through your bank, then just photo the receipts with your smart phone and send the photos to us.  We'll do the rest. 


A very useful additional benefit is that you will be able to access monthly reports showing how your business is succeeding and these can be obtained on computers, tablets and even mobile phones. 


As the system is so simple, our fees are low.  Let us quote you!!  Contact us either by telephone for a phone consultation or by email or use the contact form.


Lorraine Stevens - Quickbook Profile


Quickbooks Credentials:


Quickbooks Advanced Pro Advisor (Online software) Certified

Quickbooks Pro Advisor (Online software) Certified

Quickbooks Making Tax Digital Training

Quickbooks Desktop Pro Advisor 


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